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Common Sliding Window Issues and How to Fix Them

A slight push is all it takes to open a sliding window, but this ease of use is also the biggest disadvantage of this window style. Without proper maintenance, the window’s rollers are prone to getting stuck. Renewal by Andersen® of Oklahoma, your go-to contractor in the state for all types of windows, lists below the most common sliding window problems and their corresponding solutions. 

Dirty Tracks 

Sliding windows’ nylon rollers glide on metal tracks. Dust and grime that build-up along the tracks can impede the rollers, making it hard to open the windows. If the tracks haven’t been cleaned for some time, remove the window’s sliding sash and clean the tracks thoroughly. 

Take care not to damage the window frame, as this may void your warranty. To ensure the window is removed properly, look up the manufacturer’s instructions online. Afterward, use a vacuum cleaner and a rag to clean the rails. For stubborn stains, use solvents or a mild soapy solution. Always consult the manufacturer’s care instructions, as harsh chemicals can stain the window frame. 

Bent Tracks 

Bent or misaligned tracks can also prevent your sliding windows from opening. You can straighten the tracks by carefully hammering them into the correct angle. However, bent tracks are often caused by natural wear and tear, which means you’ll soon need a replacement for your sliding windows

Loose Latch Screws 

Other times, you’ll encounter problems with closing your sliding windows. In most cases, a faulty or loose latch is to blame. If this is the case, check the screws and tighten them. 

Faulty Installation

Recurring issues with your sliding windows may be a sign of shoddy installation work. If improper window installations are to blame, we recommend replacing them. But this time, make sure to hire an experienced, reputable contractor to install your new sliding windows. 

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