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Choosing Patio Door Hardware: Questions to Ask Yourself

Hardware is an important part of door design. In this blog, your local replacement windows and patio doors provider Renewal by Andersen® of Oklahoma shares questions you should ask yourself when selecting hardware for your patio door.

How Will I Use It?

Most patio door hardware is designed for use by the average person. However, some people may have limitations that may affect how they use the patio doors. For example, people with arthritic hands or other mobility issues may have difficulty opening a doorknob or turning a key. In such cases, you need to narrow your selection down to door handles that can be opened by pushing down the handle.

How Big Do the Patio Doors Need to Be?

The door size dictates the type of hardware needed for it. There are limitations to how much weight door hinges can carry. Sliding doors will have different needs than French patio doors, just like double-hung windows have different needs than picture windows when it comes to hardware. Sliding doors typically have rollers at the bottom of the frame, which gives you more latitude with door sizes.

How Much of a Concern Is Security?

All patio doors come with security hardware, which may differ between manufacturers. Hinged French doors typically have single latches that do the job for some people, but maybe you want something that can withstand high winds. This is why Andersen® hinged French doors come with five-point latches, which makes the door more durable top to bottom. Andersen sliding doors also feature reach-out locks that make the door more secure when closed.

Should I Choose Rolled or Cast Hardware?

Door hardware can be manufactured as rolled, cast steel or brass. The term “rolled” refers to the hardware being made from flat sheets of metal that’s rolled into shape, making rolled hardware hollow. This option costs less and is sufficient for light-duty applications. Cast hardware is manufactured using molten metal that’s cast into molds. It’s solid all the way through, making it a good choice for heavy-duty applications. Cast hardware also tends to be significantly heavier than rolled hardware and lasts longer too.

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