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Permit for Window Replacement: Is It Necessary?

Do you need to obtain a permit for your window or door replacement project? This will depend on the extent of the work involved. Understandably, there can be some confusion among homeowners when it comes to this question.

Today, Renewal by Andersen® of Oklahoma sheds light on the matter.

When Is a Permit Required?

Securing a permit is not required if the job only involves replacing the existing windows with an “insert” installed directly in the old window’s existing frame. This type of window replacement doesn’t involve the removal of the sash or the alteration of the window’s surrounding opening.

Securing a permit is required if the wall structure is altered or the existing opening is expanded. Usually, the decision to expand the opening boils down to three reasons: (1) to make way for bigger window units, (2) to change windows into doors, and (3) to comply with fire code or egress requirements.

Expanding the window opening requires cutting the studs on either side, which can cause the wall structure to become unstable. With a permit in hand, you can rest easy knowing the intended changes, even if they are small, are still up to code. Failure to obtain a permit can lead to future problems, especially if you are putting your home up for sale. The new homeowner may decide to have the property inspected only to find out the information on paper doesn’t match that of the actual structure.

Who Secures the Paperwork?

Technically, it is your responsibility to obtain a permit for your window replacement. The process can be confusing, however, which is why you should discuss this with your chosen contractor during your initial consultation with them. At Renewal by Andersen of Oklahoma, you can count on us to guide you through every step of your project.

Our window replacement process leaves you with beautiful new windows that will offer top-notch performance for decades. Contact us today to learn more about our replacement windows, French doors and sliding doors. Call (405) 652-1300 or fill out our contact form to request a free in-home consultation. We serve residents of Oklahoma City and nearby areas.


"Our new windows are absolutely wonderful! We were pleased with the entire process and the product and would recommend Renewal by Andersen to anyone."

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November 5

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