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Save on Your Bills This Month with the Right Window

Do you know how much of your hard earned money actually goes to your energy bills? It is a necessity so we can’t very well do anything about it, but as homeowners there are ways on how you can significantly lessen the amount you are paying every month. In a place like Oklahoma where you get hot summers and severe ice storms and snowstorms, your heater and air conditioning systems work overtime to keep your home in the right temperature to provide you and your family a comfortable environment. And it doesn’t really help if your windows in OKC are faulty because this screws up with your home’s insulation. The usual problem is when the air leaks from windows. An article from explains that:

Once you have completed your online energy analysis, you can move on to physically inspecting your home, in particular if your energy score shows significant room for improvement. The City of Seattle offers an excellent printable checklist to assist you in this inspection. The first problem to look for is air leakage, which can account for as much as a whopping 30 percent of your home heating bills. Search visually for sources of air leaks both indoors and out, in the form of such clues as gaps around windows or doors and along baseboards, cracks or holes, insufficient fireplace damper sea, missing weather stripping, improperly sealed pipes or dryer vents, and other similar problems. For more accurate results, bring a lit candle or stick of incense with you to help detect air movement.

Just imagine how much you can save if your heating and cooling systems don’t need to operate as hard to keep a temperature-friendly environment in your home. Consider having your windows repaired for leaks or replaced to a better quality that is sturdy and requires only minimal maintenance, like the ones from Renewal by Andersen® of Oklahoma.

Our Fribrex composite and “Low-E” glass keeps the cold air inside on hot humid days and vice versa, so you’re actually paying for a double purpose kind of window. Aside from that, our picture windows in Oklahoma City not only allow you to appreciate the beautiful surroundings but also allow more sun into your home thus saving on lighting bills. So if you want to lower your bills this month while making your home better, call us at Renewal by Andersen® of Oklahoma and we’ll give you exactly that.



(Article Excerpt from Home energy audit: DIY and save money, News9)


"Our new windows are absolutely wonderful! We were pleased with the entire process and the product and would recommend Renewal by Andersen to anyone."

Mike & Kathy, Edmond| OK
November 5

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