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Signs You Need to Replace Your Patio Door

Damaged patio doors and windows can compromise the beauty of your home while also adding significant inconvenience and discomfort to your daily life. They allow outdoor air into your home, causing your HVAC system to work harder to compensate, leading to a spike in energy bills. Fortunately, new, energy-efficient patio doors can boost curb appeal and give you energy savings.

Here are the signs you need to replace your patio doors.

Your Patio Doors Are Drafty

Leaky patio doors can make your home uncomfortably cool in winter and warm in summer. This is because they allow unwanted heat and cold into your interior. To determine whether your patio door is allowing outside air inside, stand beside the door. If you feel a significant difference in the temperature, the door is likely drafty.

Your Patio Doors Are Hard to Operate

You may need to replace your patio door if opening and closing it is a challenge. It could be that the rollers are beyond repair or the unit is misaligned from the rack. Harsh weather can also damage the frame, or the door may have been installed incorrectly. A door that’s hard to operate can be dangerous in case of an emergency. It can also be a bother when entertaining outdoors and people are frequently coming in and out of the home. Sliding windows and patio doors are great options because they are easy to operate.

There’s Fog Between the Panes

Condensation buildup inside the glass of your patio door indicates that the seal of the unit has been compromised. When this happens, air and moisture can seep between the panes, causing the window to lose its insulating properties. This means that your patio door is no longer energy-efficient.

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