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The 4 Usual Culprits Behind Damaged Window Sealing

Standard insulated windows are filled with either argon or krypton, both of which are colorless, non-toxic gases that help minimize heat transfer. The sealing around an energy-efficient window’s insulated glass unit makes sure the gas doesn’t escape. Over time, however, the sealing can be punctured or damaged due to these factors:

1. Extreme Temperatures 

The vulnerability of your window to extreme temperatures depends to a large extent on the frame material. Wood expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall. These repeated contractions and expansions can damage the sealing. As such, it’s important to choose windows that are suitable for your area’s climate.

2. Age 

Even the most durable windows can’t last forever. Your window’s sealing might start to fail simply because of age. In general, however, newer window models last longer than older models.

3. Mold 

Routine window maintenance is a must if you want to extend your window’s lifespan and keep it in good condition. Sliding windows, in particular, should be regularly cleaned. Otherwise, dust and grime can accumulate in the window tracks, making it harder to open sliding windows.

Without regular maintenance, several window issues can develop. One of them is mold, which can grow on your windows if condensation isn’t wiped off quickly. Not only can mold damage your window frame by eating away wood but it can also damage your window’s sealing.

4. Installation Errors 

What if you notice condensation inside the glass panels within a year of installing new windows? Condensation between window glass panes is a sign the gas fill is leaking. As these gases leak out of your window, moisture enters the space between the glass panes, fogging up the insides of your windows. If condensation forms in your windows shortly after the installation, it’s a sign that the installation wasn’t done properly.

While you can repair the sealing, you can’t replace the gas fill. That’s why most contractors recommend window replacement instead of having the sealing fixed.

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