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The Benefits of a Fibrex Frame

At Renewal by Andersen® of Oklahoma, we take great pride in our windows. In creating the perfect window, we made sure to take into consideration the strength of its frame. The frame in particular plays a particular role in a window’s overall durability—and that’s why we opted for Fibrex™. Here are all the great benefits of this fantastic material.

Durability and staying power

Fibrex is actually a composite of wood fibers and thermoplastic polymer, taking on the most appealing qualities of each. It has the classic, timeless look of wood, while retaining the strength of the primary composing polymer. This means that the frames of your windows in OKC from Renewal by Andersen of Oklahoma last longer than standard wood frames. This makes for a cost-effective long-term investment—you won’t be replacing too often if at all!

Energy-efficiency and saving power

More beneficial is the fact that Fibrex is energy-efficient. It prevents heat transfer across its surface up to 700 times better than aluminum would. In practical terms, this means that your heaters or air conditioners don’t have to work too hard to achieve the optimal temperature for your comfort. This lowers your energy bills significantly. On top of that, the material also happens to be very low-maintenance—requiring little cleaning to stay in top form.

Now pair those two advantages with windowpanes that share the same durability and energy-efficiency—via Low-E4 Glass—and you have the perfect combination. This is a window that will delight any homeowner looking for a little break in the constant expenses demanded by a good home.

In 2012, Renewal by Andersen of Oklahoma received an Energy Star Award—affirming our commitment to quality, value-added windows and doors. So for windows replacement in Oklahoma City, give us a call. We’ll help you figure out the best options to match your vision. You can count on getting quality, professional work done whether it’s an installation, replacement, or repair.


"Our new windows are absolutely wonderful! We were pleased with the entire process and the product and would recommend Renewal by Andersen to anyone."

Mike & Kathy, Edmond| OK
November 5

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