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The Best Reasons to Replace Your Windows Now

Windows complete the look of your home and help protect it against the elements. Many problems come with moisture, including rot, mold and discomfort. Once your windows stop working properly, you’ll also notice an increase in your energy costs.

Here are reasons you should invest in new windows now.

Stay Comfortable All-Year-Round

Has it been a challenge to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter? Your windows may be to blame. Inefficient units will allow drafts into your home, making your living spaces uncomfortable. Because your HVAC system needs to work harder than usual to compensate, your energy bills will increase. New, energy-efficient windows will eliminate drafts and help minimize energy loss, reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Make Your Life Easier

Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your windows and keep them energy-efficient. Inspections and cleaning are essential parts of window upkeep. Older window models are harder to maintain and clean. Modern windows are low-maintenance, with some featuring tilt-in sashes for easier cleaning.

Boost Your Home’s Value

Another great reason to finally replace your sliding windows is added home value. If you’re considering selling your property in the future, new windows will add to its value and improve curb appeal. Also, many of today’s homebuyers are drawn to features that can boost a home’s energy efficiency, such as windows.

Protect Your Belongings

While natural light is great, it can be harmful to your valuables. The sun can cause your furnishings, wall art, rugs and other belongings to fade. Energy-efficient windows usually come with a low-emissivity glass that helps block harmful UV light will still illuminating your home.

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"Our new windows are absolutely wonderful! We were pleased with the entire process and the product and would recommend Renewal by Andersen to anyone."

Mike & Kathy, Edmond| OK
November 5

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