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Top 3 Home Improvements for Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When you try and sell a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, improving its façade is one of the first and most important things to do to ensure its marketability. It may seem like a too drastic move but it definitely works. Put yourself in the buyer’s position, in that perspective. It would seem like a hidden cost and it could put off the buyer. On the other hand, updating the look of your home can increase its market value, so it is quite a good investment on your part. Listed below are some of the simple home improvements that can enhance your home’s aesthetics and attract a buyer:

  1. Renew the paint. It may sound simple but the result is anything but. Doing this will give your home a fresher and newer look that will attract any buyer from afar.
  1. Improve the lawn. No matter how beautiful your home is, if it is situated in a dreary surrounding, it will never attract a buyer. Cutting and cleaning your lawn can make a huge difference because then the spotlight would be on your home.
  1. Different windows and doors. Changing these to other styles can give your home an instant makeover. Depending on the design, you can turn your home into a modern, timeless or contemporary one. Also, going for picture windows in Tulsa Oklahoma City would let more light in to enhance the interiors as well as provide the occupants a better view of the surroundings. An article from further explains that:

“Windows, garage doors and decks aren’t necessarily big-ticket items in terms of price or luxury,” (real estate brokerage founder Diana) George says, but “updating these items gives the home an instant facelift and contributes to a modern aesthetic, which is exactly what potential homebuyers want to see when they drive up to look at a new home.”

So if you want your home to get a better chance in the market, consider replacing your windows in Tulsa Oklahoma City and get a fresher, more updated look. Hire a company who specializes on these exteriors, like Renewal by Andersen of Oklahoma.

Casement, picture, awning and custom windows are just some of the designs we offer our clients. We carry a full variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors so that you can choose the right window for you. Our skilled team members have your window expertly installed within mere hours. So consult with our window specialists and let us help with your home’s rejuvenation to increase your chances in getting a good deal out of it.


(Article Excerpt from Home improvements that really pay off, Investopedia, May 23, 2014)


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