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Warning Signs Your Window’s Sealing Is Starting to Fail

Can’t seem to wipe off the condensation on your window glass? It could be a sign the window seals have failed. 

How Moisture Can Infiltrate the Window Glass Panes 

There’s a space between the glass panes of insulated windows. Manufacturers fill this space with either argon or krypton to prevent heat transfer. However, if the window sealing is damaged, these dense gases may escape. Moisture may enter the said space and fog up your window glass in the process. 

Warning Signs of a Window Leak 

Aside from condensation in between the glass panes, what are the other warning signs of a leak in insulated windows? 

  • Glass distortions – A window leak can cause sections of the glass panes to collapse. Keep in mind that these distortions are sometimes barely noticeable. To check for distortions in the window glass, compare your reflection on the window glass with your reflection in a mirror. 
  • Drafts – Notice that some rooms are colder than others? Window leaks might be letting drafts in. Here’s a trick for detecting drafts and window leaks: Close all the doors and windows and light an incense stick near the windows. The smoke from the incense stick should start floating towards the window leak if there is one. 

What to Do With a Leaky Insulated Window 

It makes more financial and practical sense to replace damaged insulated windows with new custom windows. That’s because while repairs can plug the window leak, they won’t be able to refill the gases that leaked out or restore your windows’ energy efficiency. 

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