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What Are Your Worst Window Maintenance Habits?

When properly installed and maintained, your windows and doors should last for many years. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true–windows that weren’t properly installed or maintained are likely to fail prematurely. In sum: bad habits can accelerate the deterioration of your windows.

Here are some window maintenance bad habits you should break.

Installing a Storm Window Over a Door With a Low-E Coating

Low-emissivity (low-E) coatings are designed to reflect solar heat away. These specialized coatings are designed to help keep your home cool during the warmer months. Installing a storm window over a unit with a low-E coating traps solar energy between the panes. This causes the window glass to become extremely hot, enough to cause damage.

Sloppily Washing Your Home’s Exterior

Always be careful when washing your siding, especially in areas near the windows. The pressure of a high-powered hose and abrasive cleaning solutions can compromise window seals. When these seals get damaged, the glass will become foggy and lose its energy efficiency. It’s also possible for your warranty to become voided. Avoid the need for premature window or door replacement by outsourcing this task to an experienced pro.

Leaving Your Windows Unlocked 

Your windows are more energy-efficient when they are locked. Locking tightens the seal between the sash and weatherstrip. It also helps get rid of drafts and reduces sound transmission. Windows that are closed but not locked may allow outside moisture indoors.

Not Cleaning the Window Tracks

If you’re experiencing difficulties opening and closing your sliding windows, check the sash. A dirty sash can make sliding and casement windows hard to operate. Cleaning dirt and debris in the sash can also prevent corrosion and pitting.

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