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Window Cleaning Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Regular cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your windows. While window cleaning is a tedious task that few homeowners look forward to, some tricks and hacks can make it chore easier and faster.

Get streak-free and spotless windows with these cleaning hacks: 

Wait for a Cloudy Day

You may want to reschedule your window cleaning if it’s sunny outside. Cleaning your windows under direct sunlight will make the glass dry faster and leave streaks. When this happens, you’ll need to clean the units all over again. Save time and effort by cleaning when it’s overcast. 

Use Two Scrubbers for Cleaning

Whether you’re cleaning casement or picture windows, it’s better to have two scrubbers than one. Use one for inside and another for outside. This will prevent outdoor debris from entering your home. 

Use Dryer Sheets for Hard Water Stains

Hard water spots usually form in glass, windows, mirrors and shower doors. They can usually be removed with vinegar. However, you may use dryer sheets for stubborn stains. 

Vinegar for a More Natural Cleaning Solution

Be mindful of the cleaning solutions you use on your windows. Make sure to only use products that are recommended by the window manufacturer to keep your warranty valid. Abrasive chemicals can damage the surface and glass of your windows. If you prefer a more natural cleaning solution, mix vinegar with equal parts water. Vinegar is also effective for removing grease, and it doesn’t leave streaks. 

Have a Detailing Rag Available

Carrying two detailing rags is always helpful when cleaning windows. You can use one for spot cleaning areas with dirt and debris buildup like sills. The other can then be used for cleaning glass edges. 

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