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Window Treatments: Yea or Nay?

Window treatments can benefit your home in many ways, but in some cases they’re more of a distraction than an advantage. In today’s blog, Renewal by Andersen® of Oklahoma sheds discusses situations where it’s better to leave your windows bare.

Rooms Where Privacy Isn’t a Big Concern

Not all rooms in the house require the same level of privacy. Bedrooms, bathrooms and windows on curb-facing walls require more privacy for obvious reasons. Spaces such as the living room or kitchen that face the back or side of the home may not require as much privacy. Leaving your windows bare in these rooms can be advantageous because you’ll enjoy more natural lighting and clearer views.

Showing off Beautiful New Windows

It’s a shame to cover your beautiful new double hung windows with bulky window treatments. Leaving the windows bare lets you emphasize them more. Bay windows with built-in seats look more inviting when not blocked by large draperies.

Dark Rooms

Rooms with heavy window treatments can feel dark and bleak. Ditching the window treatments and letting sunlight fill the room can make the space feel open and cheerful. In addition, more exposure to natural lighting can help you sleep better.

Contemporary Home Style

Contemporary home styles tend to embrace a minimalist vibe. Bare windows can help you achieve this aesthetic. If privacy is a concern, consider options such as obscured glass. It’s important to work with window replacement companies who offer customization if you want to go this route.

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November 5

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