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Windows and Daylighting: What You Need to Know

Daylighting is a term that you may have heard when researching a window replacement project. In a nutshell, daylighting refers to a window’s capacity for admitting as much natural light as possible into the home but without the negative effects of sunlight, such as UV ray exposure.

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Oklahoma discusses the importance of daylighting and how the right windows can help you optimize it.

What Is Daylighting?

In a general sense, daylighting refers to properly leveraging sunlight from the windows to enhance your home’s illumination. This is usually done to complement your property’s electric lighting and to improve energy efficiency. The windows that provide the best daylighting are larger units like casement, double hung, sliding and picture windows.

Effects of Proper Daylighting

Daylighting does more than just light up your rooms. Increased exposure to natural light has been clinically proven to improve moods, sleep and even mental acuity.

Proper daylighting also enhances the ambiance of a space by making it feel more open and cheerful. Rooms that benefit the most from daylighting include the bedrooms, living areas and kitchen and dining spaces.

UV Light

Effective daylighting also involves reducing the risk of UV light exposure. Natural light is a good thing, but too much exposure can damage furniture and even affect your health. Fortunately, you can prevent the negative effects of daylighting by making sure your windows are built with high-performance glass packages. At Renewal by Andersen of Oklahoma, our high-performance custom windows feature Low-E glass that block harmful UV rays from entering your home.

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